Chromatic ways


An exhibition by andan

aka Anna Davis and Daniel Tonero 





Reflections and contrasts By Jacobo Diaz – A viola player – Barcelona, March 2017.


You wake up one Sunday morning and go to the Argentinian-British, Barcelona home.


They are up on their terrace, you watch what unfolds…


Sun, shade, colours and paintbrushes, forms seep through the pores of the papers, the materials.


Abstraction, revolution and passion is what you understand in this small, big world.


White and yellow lights illuminate this day while two individuals create wonders.


Techniques, contrasts, brush-strokes and paint puddles come from the sketches and tools that they use with cheerfulness.


Acidic, sweetness, sympathy, bitterness; singular adjectives to express the art that two people from two different cultures share.


The girl has stains on her clothes, colours on her face, painted hands; she works with firmness, fluidity, freely a delicate fineness.

Her brush-strokes are concise elegant lines full of detail, defined naturally, smoothly and meticulously generating canvases with grandeur.


The guy wears sunglasses a cap and an unintentionally arranged beard..

He observes then goes to the white canvas, carefully unorganised brush-strokes, he smiles, speaks and disassembles. With passion he paints without conduct, a machine with vital impulses, an inspiration.


The merging is a conversation full of contrasts, chaos and details, totally different yet the same.